Get Cash For Your MOT Failure Today

If you’ve ever taken your car, van or motorcycle for an MOT, and received a long list of failed items, you’ll know the sinking feeling that comes with it. And you’re suddenly faced with a painful decision. You either pay for expensive repairs, or you’re stuck with a vehicle that can’t be legally driven on the road.

Fortunately, LJ Scrap offers another solution.

MOT Failure – Your Options

If your vehicles fails its MOT, we know that this can be a big headache for many motorists. A few minor items can be easily rectified without significant cost. But where major or multiple items require remedying, your options can suddenly feel limited. Repairs may prove to be unaffordable, or simply outweigh the value of your vehicle. And trying to sell your vehicle on privately can be near impossible without an MOT certificate.

But there is another option. At LJ Scrap, we buy MOT failures as they stand, whatever the age, mileage or condition. For many vehicle owners, not only does this save you having to meet expensive repair bills, but it can also provide you with instant cash to put towards a replacement vehicle.

Cash For Your MOT Failure

When you call us with details of your vehicle, we’ll offer you a best price quote there and then. And all of our quotes are guaranteed. We will always stick by the price we offer and never try to haggle you down when we collect the vehicle. And when we arrive for your vehicle, you will receive immediate payment on the spot via instant bank transfer.

Free Vehicle Collection

There are a lot of car buying companies that require you to drop your car off, which can be quite difficult, particularly if your vehicle has no MOT. But at LJ Scrap, we like to make things easy for you.

If you’re happy with the price we offer you for your MOT failure (and we’re confident you will be), we’ll arrange to collect the vehicle from your home, place of work, or even your MOT station. We’ll collect it for free, and at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Help With Your DVLA Paperwork

When it comes to selling your vehicle, we like to make things as easy for you as possible and that includes helping you get your DVLA paperwork in order. We will ensure that your Registration Certificate (V5 Logbook) is filled out correctly, so that you are absolved from any further responsibility for the vehicle. You will no longer require insurance and you may even be able to claim a refund for any unused road tax.

The Hassle-Free Way To Cash In Your MOT Failure

If you’re left with an MOT failure requiring expensive repairs, then make LJ Scrap your first call. We’ll offer you a guaranteed cash price immediately, which you can then put towards a replacement vehicle, getting you back on the road.