Although we are vehicle scrappers, your car, van or motorcycle doesn’t need to be ready for the scrap heap before you call us.

If your vehicle is old, broken down or crash damaged, then we are happy to take it away and dispose of it for you.

But we also collect roadworthy vehicles, from old runners to nearly-new models.

People have all sorts of reasons for disposing of roadworthy vehicles. You may have bought a new vehicle to replace it. Or perhaps you just need to convert it to cash to spend on other things.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help and will always pay you the best cash price for your car, van or motorcycle.

So the next time you are thinking of spending time advertising your unwanted vehicle on Facebook or in AutoTrader, going through messages from prospective buyers and arranging for dozens of people to view it, why not save yourself some time and call LJ Scrap first.

We will always offer you the best cash price and we never try to haggle or beat you down. Whatever model and make of vehicle you have, and whatever condition it’s in, make us your first call.

Because we are much more than vehicle scrappers.